7 weeks later..

7 weeks seems like no time at all, but i don't remember what life was like before jan 21. one day i'll write my side of the birth story, but that just seems like too much work right now. i already feel guilty enough blogging when i should be writing thank you notes! i'm starting to hear little grunts coming from the baby swing so i doubt i'll have much time. i'll just make a few notes of some current events...

  • poppy is just now really smiling at us because she knows who we are.
  • she's slept from 10p-4a for the past 2 nights. woohoo!!
  • i survived my first week of work and my sister survived her first week of having poppy!
  • we took poppy to the beach for her first time last sunday. she loves being outside.
  • her first of many disney trips with her cousin, aunt, gi and myself (and uncle bo one day) is in 10 days! 
i remember when i was dumb and pregnant saying something like "my baby will have to get on my schedule.. i'm not going to let her dictate what i do and when i do it" BAHAH! ignorance. everything i do and everywhere i go revolves around 1. when she ate last 2. when she will eat again 3. the weather (don't want to take her out in bad weather) 4. how we slept (too tired to dress on most days) basically, it's all poppy 24/7. and i'm good with that for now. 

goals for this week: write thank you notes, upload pictures of poppy onto the computer because i haven't done that at all! 

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