you might be a bad blogger if...

..If blogger had to send you an email with your password, because you forgot it.

...If you are in your 2nd trimester of your first pregnancy and haven't blogged about it.

...If your occasional facebook wall post from your mom says "blog" and you still don't.

...If you are the photographer for the family business. Beach wedding season kicked my butt.
sorry for the lack of posting, ya'll! but, i'm back!

      Today I go to the doctor to find out what I'm having. My appointment is in 2 hours, but I won't know what I'm having until tonight. Why? Because I'm a trend-loving dummy. I've jumped on the gender reveal party wagon and I want off! I remembered this little bit of information about myself (that I hate surprises) AFTER I suggested this party and invited people. I know that tonight I will be so glad that we did this, but all day today I will need to be distracted. My sister is the only person (ONLY PERSON, Cadence!!!) that will know what I'm having, as she is the little blue or pink cake baker. My in-laws, mom's parents, and my friend and her family are coming into town for the reveal! even my brother is coming. Considering this is not a major holiday, baby Lough should be very honored by uncle Bo's attendance.
     They say that a mother always knows if she is having a boy or girl by intuition... pfft. I haven't the slightest. I guess if I HAD to guess one, I would probably guess I'm having a boy. This makes me cry. Not that I wouldn't LOVE that little boy to death. I would. That's the problem... I'm scared that if I have a boy, after the first few years he'll be all into boy stuff and he won't want to play with his mom. I don't know anything about boy stuff. My sister and I made Bo play dress up and pretty, pretty princess. It also scares me that one day my son will grow up, move away and marry a girl and be apart of her family. How do you even pretend to like the girl who steals your baby? That is my fear of the blue cake. That is why I cried in bed last night when Jake asked what my reaction would be if the cake is blue. Too much love for someone who would grow up to not need you.

A girl loves her mama. Mine is my best friend. My fear of a pink cake is the dreaded teenage years.  I don't know if I can handle the responsibility raising a girl with high morale. I feel there would be lots o' wine involved. on my part, of course. :)

Either way, I feel like tonight I will really meet the little person growing inside me. I will be able to picture our little family. I'll know whose name I'll need to stitch on a christmas stocking. I'll know what little prizes to buy for the little squirt. Most importantly, I'll know what kinds of things I need to be pinning on pinterest! :)

xo, michel

*ps. sorry for any misspellings, grammar, or punctuation. i'm running behind for this doctor appointment and there is no time to edit!


Betsey said...

Well, having done both, I can assure you they are both fine. God will give you what HE wants you to have...and theeeerrrre's your peace!! Enjoy, and can't wait to hear!!!!

shariO said...

that was a sweet blog. i cant wait to find out tonite :) you will be a funny mom. i will laugh and laugh. hehe.